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Rural Infrastructure and Development (RID)


To facilitate rural infrastructure development strategies for socio-economic growth.


  1. Provide economic and ICT infrastructure development services
  2. Facilitate social infrastructure, public amenities and facilitates development services
  3. Facilitate access to additional funding to implement infrastructure project services
  4. Develop and adapt innovative and appropriate technologies within rural areas
  5. Integrate, coordinate and implement policies and disaster management frameworks with special emphasis on mitigation of disasters in rural areas
  6. Provide project managment functional specific support to RID in provinces
  7. Provide financial and administrative support services
  8. Provide service delivery coordination services
  9. Provide social organisation and youth development towards economic upliftment

Chief Directorates

  1. Social Organisation and Youth Development
  2. Technology Research and Development
  3. Rural Disaster Mitigation Services
  4. Regions

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