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Programme 5: Land Reform


Initiate sustainable land reform programme in South Africa.

The programme consists of the following subprogrammes:

  • Land Reform National Office
  • Land Reform Provincial offices
  • Land Reform Grants
  • KwaZulu-Natal Ingonyama Trust Board
  • Communal Land Rights Programme
  • Agricultural Land Holding Account

Strategic Objectives:

  • Strategically located land acquired
  • Farm development support provided to smallholder farmers
  • Functional system and institutional arrangements.



Programme 4: Restitution

Purpose: The Restitution Programme is responsible for the settlement of land restitution claims under the Restitution of Land Rights Act, No. 22 of 1994, as amended, and the provision of settlement support to beneficiaries.

The programme consists of the following subprogrammes:

  • Restitution National Office
  • Restitution Provincial Offices
  • Restitution Grants

Strategic Objective(s):

  • Land rights restored


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Programme 2: Geospatial & Cadastral Services

To provide geospatial information, cadastral surveys, deeds registration and spatial planning, as well as technical services in support of sustainable land development.

The programme consists of the following subprogrammes:

  • National Geomatics Management Services
  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management
  • Registration of Deeds Training Account
  • South African Council for Planners

Strategic Objectives:

  • Improved spatial planning
  • An integrated and comprehensive land administration system.


Programme 3: Rural Development

To  initiate, facilitate, coordinate and catalyse the implementation of a Comprehensive Rural Development programme that leads to sustainable, equitable and vibrant rural communities.

The programme consists of the following subprogrammes:

  • Rural Infrastructure Development (RID)
  • Rural Enterprise and Industry Developmenet (REID)
  • National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC)


Strategic Objectives:

  • Support to rural communities to produce their own food in all rural districts.
  • Quality infrastructure provided.
  • Facilitate the establishment of rural enterprise and industries.




Programme 1: Administration

Provide strategic and logistical support in the form of executive services, corporate services and the acquisition of vehicles for the departmental use. Oversee departmental capital works. Provide bursaries to non-employees.

The Administration programme comprise of the following sub-programmes:

  • Ministry
  • Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Services
  • Financial Services
  • Provincial Coordination
  • Office Accommodation


Strategic Objectives

  • Compliance with all public sector legal prescripts
  • Unqualified regularity audit opinion
  • Skills development for improved service delivery


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