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The National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC)

The National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) was established in September 2010, NARYSEC's main goal is to recruit and develop rural youth; and to perform community service in their own communities.

NARYSEC's specific key objectives are:
• To recruit unemployed youth in rural areas.
• To train the youth through Further Education and Training programmes linked to the identified developmental community projects in rural areas.
• To develop youth with multi-disciplinary skills through civic education.
• To increase the number of rural communities receiving support in their self-development through the CRDP.

NARYSEC is rural wards-focused, as such, it recruits youth from rural wards, including youth with disabilities. In 2010/2011, recruitment targeted four youth per rural ward.
In 2012 the recruitment drive was increased to recruit six youth per rural ward, with emphasis in the CRDP sites where the numbers are more than 10 rural youth per CRDP site. Considering that South Africa consists of 2 920 rural wards, this process will lead to the employment of more than 10 000 youths. Being very strict on gender, NARYSEC's recruitment process insists on 50/50 gender balance per rural ward.

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What is NARYSEC?
NARYSEC programme is a 24 month skills development programme within the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform which targets unemployed rural youth aged between 18 – 25 in possession of Grade 12 (Standard 10) as part of the rural economy transformation strategy from poor rural wards. Since its inception in 1 September 2010 to date, NARYSEC has recruited 16178 rural youth in all 9 Provinces.

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