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An Agri-park is a networked innovation system of agro-production, processing, logistics, marketing, training and extension services, located in a District Municipality. As a network it enables a market-driven combination and integration of various agricultural activities and rural transformation services... Read more



  1. Agri-parks Narrative
  2. Agri-park Overview Report


The Components of an Agri-parks

  1. Farmer Production Support Unit (FPSU)
  2. Agri-Hub Unit (AH)
  3. The Rural Urban Market Centre Unit (RUMC)  

Quick Links

  1. Agri-parks Presentation: DAMC Launch
  2. District Agri-parks Management Council Presentation


  1. Agri-parks Consultative Workshop: 18-19 November 2016
  2. Agri-parks Workshop for CPIs and Traditional Leaders: 12 March 2016
  3. District Agri-parks Management Councils Workshop: 30 January 2016










Agri-park progress- February 2017



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Agri-park has been opened at Springbokpan in the North West Province






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